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Marriage is the most anticipated moment in an individual’s life. It is a promising juncture where two souls and families unite. In every wedding people follow different rituals and customs depending on the region, religion, caste, desire, and spending capacity.

Let’s take an example of a typical upper middle class wedding cost in Coimbatore.

The venue, cuisine and photography are responsible for the bigger chunk of wedding expenses, excluding these buying designer clothes, jewelry, wedding cards are an absolute necessity

In India, marriage is a social and family commitment that one must fulfill. Keeping this in mind, every parent starts saving for their children’s marriage. There are different factors involved in calculating the cost of a wedding. “Marriage” no matter how big or small comes with a budget.

Preparing for your big day? Make sure to have these checklists before getting married

– Share current financial status with transparency
– Combining finances after marriage (to combine or not to combine)
– Shortlist your mutual goals
– Have a post marital expenditure plan in place
– Seek services of a financial advisor
– Make budget and meet it
– Create an emergency fund
– Be financially literate and trust each other
– Compare spending habits and expectations
– Decide who manages what

Did you know that everyone has a subconscious attitude towards money?

The major problems that married couples face is not their relationship its not who did or didn’t do the chores or who forgot whose birthday, its money how they earn,  how they spend or whether they save it. There are various financial conversations for newly wedded couples. The key is that these conversations actually take place between the couples!
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Job Description

Outlet Executive - I​

Experience: 3 - 4 Years

Qualification: Any Degree 

Roles and Responsibilities+

  • As the head of the function, defining and implementing the collection strategy for the company,
  • You will also have the ability and skill sets to liaise with law enforcement wherever needed.
  • Supports the development of the workforce plan for the collection function for creating a high performing team.
  • Manages and controls the operating framework for the collection function, provides guidance and support, ensures implementation and review of work processes in order to achieve high-performance standards and continuous improvement.
  • Conducts periodic meetings with Key partners to ensure business continuity and containment of losses.
  • Defines and designs strategic interventions to manage bounce rates, inflows, allocation and prioritization through segmentation.
  • Evaluates competition best practices and use the knowledge for defining or modifying collection processes and policies.
  • Defines and designs strategies to minimize NPA s and maximize recoveries.
  • Defines, designs and implement the collections process manual and standard operating procedures.
  • Builds and nurtures a culture of customer service-oriented collections.
  • Ensures compliance of people, processes and systems in the collections unit with regulatory norms and internal policies.
  • Uses Business process re-engineering to challenge status quo and improve efficiencies in collections processes.

Desired Candidate Profile

  • Must have 8 – 10 Years of Experience into Collection Segment
  • Must be good and capable of handling a team of 8 – 12 members
  • Well versed into Tamilnadu Locations
  • Must have a good credit profile
  • Through and detailed understandings of all brackets of collections
  • Must be targets and number driven
  • Working Experience into similar segment for more than 5 Years.

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