FAQ Related To Chit Fund


Yes, we are registered and incorporated as Kopuram Chits Private Limited.

A certain amount is deposited on a regular basis by the group of people till the specified tenure and the auction shall be conducted on monthly basis and the prize money shall be disbursed to the successful bidder.

It works as a low interest loan & high interest returns.

Reg No: U65992TZ2018PTC029930.

Yes you can transfer your ongoing chit to other name by submitting the required documents as per compliance.
A chit shall be deemed to have terminated when the last auction date in the chit group agreement has ended and settlement to be completed within 30 working days from the last auction date.
Yes it is. We are a registered chit funds company, regulated and governed by the Chit funds Act 1982.
As on July 2022, we have 6 locations.
Prompt payers who have enjoyed their entire dividend shall be eligible to receive the bonus amount of 1%.

Kopuram embraces digital transformation in all forms of its business operations. Therefore, we use multiple software (portal, app) as required.


There are 17 products with multiple schemes have been designed by Kopuram’s financial experts for all the segment of people,  starting from  25,000 to 25,00,000. For more details please click here 

Subscribers are eligible to be in the chit group tagged to the scheme they subscribed for once they completed their first month payment as per our dividend chart. 

As “foreman” denotes the person who is responsible to handle the chit funds process in the right flow. He is entitled to a maximum commission of 7% of the chit amount as per 1982 chit fund act.

The term ceiling is derived to run a chit fund organically for both foreman and subscribers to ensure high profit ratio. Ceiling of foreman commission starts form 7% to 40% which is subjective to company’s decision.

The document containing the articles of agreement between the foreman and the subscribers relating to the chit.

The share of the subscriber in the amount of discount available under the chit agreement for distribution among the subscribers at each installment of the chit.

Kopuram’s brand store to serve you through a new phase in the form of retail outlets.

6000+ customers and counting…

Kopuram have around 1000+ prized and happy customers.

We are privileged to introduce “ONE TOUCH CASH” as our new unique business model which enables Kopuram’s subscribers to request and receive the cash in just “ONE TOUCH“.
What you need to do is:
1.Download the app.
2.Subscribe with us .
3.Enjoy our “ONE TOUCH” service.

Auction is a bidding event where the subscribers of any specified group participate and bid the amount as they wish, based on the ceiling decided.

A subscriber who has either received or entitled to receive the prize amount.

A subscriber who has not received or entitled to receive the prize amount.

A chit company has to obtain a PSO (previous sanction order) number for every chit group they run by paying necessary security deposits to the Registrar of chits.
A chit shall be held on the date, at the time and place mentioned in the chit agreement. Ticket number is nothing but your sequence number in a specific chit group
The auction will be conducted immediately on the next working day.

No, loan cannot be provided against your chit.

If the customer cancels the chit due to certain reasons, he/she will receive the chit amount at the end of the chit tenure with 7% of cancellation charges.


Mon – Sat (09:00AM – 06:00PM)

You can reach us on the below number between monday and saturday from 9.30am to 5.30pm.

Customer care number: +91 844 844 9027.

The turn around time for the queries we receive from our subscribers is  48 to 72 hours.

However, we are trying our best to address the tickets ASAP.

All you need to do is to fill our application form and self attest your KYC to onboard with us.

We are expecting our subscribers to have a self on-boarding via app itself in the near future.

Yes, you can very much renew your chit enrollments.

Once, the chit is completed, the amount will be settled within 30 working days.

Once the due diligence, field inspection is been done and if you are eligible for the prize money request against your collaterals, the disbursement shall be done within 30 working days.

Prized money shall be disbursed to the subscriber participated in the auction.

Prized money shall be disbursed ONLY TO THE SUBSCRIBER’S ACCOUNT.


All your payment receipts shall be displayed in #KASH app and you can review the same. You will also receive the SMS once the payment is receipted.

You can also walk-in to the nearest #KASH counter and get the receipt statement hardcopy by filling the request form.

However, during the course of time if any clarification needed, you can reach us on +91 8448449027.

Debit card, Net banking, UPI (Google pay, Phone pe, Paytm, etc) and you can also pay through our collection agent.

However, we prefer our subscribers to choose the above online payment methods for a seamless transactions.

We have Daily/Weekly/Monthly collection types as on July-2022.

In the near future, we will encourage our subscribers to pay only on monthly basis and on rare cases we will accept the weekly payments. Daily collection type may not be available.

However, we will notify our subscribers through SMS whenever there is a change in collection type.

Yes, our collection agents are available at your doorstep.

However, we prefer our subscribers to choose the below online payment methods for a seamless transactions.

Debit card, Net banking, UPI (Google pay, Phone pe, Paytm, etc) 

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Job Description

Outlet Executive - I​

Experience: 3 - 4 Years

Qualification: Any Degree 

Roles and Responsibilities+

  • As the head of the function, defining and implementing the collection strategy for the company,
  • You will also have the ability and skill sets to liaise with law enforcement wherever needed.
  • Supports the development of the workforce plan for the collection function for creating a high performing team.
  • Manages and controls the operating framework for the collection function, provides guidance and support, ensures implementation and review of work processes in order to achieve high-performance standards and continuous improvement.
  • Conducts periodic meetings with Key partners to ensure business continuity and containment of losses.
  • Defines and designs strategic interventions to manage bounce rates, inflows, allocation and prioritization through segmentation.
  • Evaluates competition best practices and use the knowledge for defining or modifying collection processes and policies.
  • Defines and designs strategies to minimize NPA s and maximize recoveries.
  • Defines, designs and implement the collections process manual and standard operating procedures.
  • Builds and nurtures a culture of customer service-oriented collections.
  • Ensures compliance of people, processes and systems in the collections unit with regulatory norms and internal policies.
  • Uses Business process re-engineering to challenge status quo and improve efficiencies in collections processes.

Desired Candidate Profile

  • Must have 8 – 10 Years of Experience into Collection Segment
  • Must be good and capable of handling a team of 8 – 12 members
  • Well versed into Tamilnadu Locations
  • Must have a good credit profile
  • Through and detailed understandings of all brackets of collections
  • Must be targets and number driven
  • Working Experience into similar segment for more than 5 Years.

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